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Our Italian Wineries

Years of research in the italian wine market

Our Wineries From North to South, Italy's Finest

Discover Italy Through Our Exclusive Wineries, here in Malaysia!

Our collection of Italian wineries spans the length of Italy, showcasing the diversity of terroirs, grape varieties, and winemaking traditions. Explore the logos below to embark on a journey from the north to the south of Italy through the world of wine.

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WLFI selection

How to Recognize our wines?

WLFI selection label

As a symbol of our commitment to premium quality, look for our distinctive ‘WLFI selection’ violet or holographic sticker on each bottle we import.

In Malaysia

The Italian wineries that we Import Love Promote Support Drink

From the northern vineyards to the sun-soaked south, each represents a unique chapter in Italian viticulture.

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