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With Love. We curate our wines.

With Love From Italy: The most loved Italian wines in Malaysia

Premium Quality

WLFI wineries and wines have been meticulously chosen after years of tasting, visits, and personal acquaintances with the producers. We perceive wine not as a mere beverage but as a crucial element that elevates the essence of culinary and life experiences.

Consider WLFI as your gateway to an exquisite and complete collection of Italian Wines, perfect for enhancing the ambiance and allure of your hotel, restaurant, or event.

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Love for Italy and its uniqueness

We are Italian wine lovers, hoping to share our love for the land, culture, food and characters with everyone who’s keen to explore them. Explore our exquisite wine collection available in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia.

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Each product featured in With Love From Italy portfolio has been specifically selected for its quality, innovation and respect for tradition.

Quality & Competences
By partnering with multiple award-winning wine producers, WLFI is importing some of the finest wines into Malaysia and is committed to allow wine enthusiasts to enjoy quality products at the best prices the market can offer. Our knowledge and passion for our products, combined with a commitment to customer service, have enabled WLFI to build lasting relationships with a sophisticated and demanding customer base.

Love. Knowledge. Experience.

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Our History

10 years with a lot of love from Italy

With Love From Italy was founded in 2012 in Singapore and started off as a Asia-Pacific Italian Wine Agency and has been working ever since with with importers and distributors in the Region. In 2019 With Love From Italy opened its first office Kuala Lumpur and started importing directly its own very unique portfolio in Malaysia.
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Why Choose Us?

With Love From Italy offers a numerous number of services, from weddings to corporate events, including staff training for the F&B restaurants/bars/clubs/hotels and B2B marketing consulting to its clients. At With Love From Italy, we are passionate about sharing and growing the wine culture, transmitting the extraordinary journey from harvesting the grapes to the final bottled experience.

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